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This animated advert promoting awareness of global warning subverts a well-known car ad and was entirely hand-drawn - I have no idea of the number of drawings involved.

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Man vs Woman
From a film by Mark Bethune,

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2000AD Web Ad - Version 1
For those who, like me, lament that there's never been any real animation based on 2000AD characters (apart from the odd dodge TV ad). The idea behind this ridiculously time-consuming project is to create an animated ad for 2000AD which might raise the profile of the comic on the Internet (and perhaps my profile as a comic artist) - though really I just thought up the idea and can't let it slip by!

This is version 1: the animated storyboard, basically a couple of days work, but enough that you should get the idea. I plan to draw every frame, except for the beginning and end, which will be live action (if anyone wants to film those parts, or if you just want to praise me, please get in touch - remember, whoever plays the lead role gets the reward of having their likeness animated).

Watch (and hear) it be clicking on the frame below, and watch this section of the site for updates as they happen.

Compare with the video which inspired it here.