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Here is some of the advertising projects I have completed during my Graphic Design & Advertising HND, and commercial projects since.

BBC1Xtra Commercial
This project involved writing, directing and editing a 1 minute commercial for BBC1Xtra, the BBC's digital radio station for black & urban music. Clip requires Windows Media Player or Realplayer

Click to watch

Regular version (2MB)
Small version (1MB)

This animated advert promoting awareness of global warning subverts a well-known car ad and was entirely hand-drawn - I have no idea of the number of drawings involved. Clip requires Windows Media Player or Realplayer

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Watch MPEG version (1.8MB)

Transport For London
The challenging brief for this poster was to promote awareness of security issues on the London Transport system in a non-disciminatory way.

Security 1 Security 2

London Underground
The brief for this project was to produce a poster to London Transport specifications that promoted a London event or Fashion Brand.

Find The Gap

Ipod Nano
Poster/magazine ads for the Apple Ipod Nano.
Nanotechnology 1

Nanotechnology 2

'Don't Light Up'
The brief for this project was to create a postcard aimed at promoting the positive benefits of not smoking (rather than stressing the dangers and disadvantages of smoking). The first postcard was an entry for the D&AD student design and advertising awards.

Don't Light Up 1Don't Light Up 2Don't Light Up 3

'World's Greatest Dad'

World's Greatest Dad

'Mind That Child'
Sadly not a real commission, just an ad idea I had to expel.

Mind That Child

Tattoo Removal
Newspaper and poster ads for Luisant laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo 1 Tattoo 2

Luisant Poster 1 Luisant Poster 2

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